Would you like to make a group booking? The Museum of Classical Archaeology is happy to welcome group visits through its doors. Whether you're an art group who want to draw, a club or society who want to learn more about ancient art, or just an interested party who would quite like to have a group tour of the Cast Gallery, you can book in to visit our University of Cambridge museum.

The Museum can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 35 people, although if you would like a tour we ask that you limit your numbers to 25. We request that groups are booked at least a week in advance. Unbooked groups may be turned away at the door.

We want your group to have fun on your visit to us, but unfortunately we also have to make sure our collection is looked after: unfortunately our historical casts are very vulnerable to bumps and knocks. We kindly ask that you actively supervise your group members during your visit.

Art Groups

Our tranquil and airy Cast Gallery is the perfect place to while away an afternoon drawing. With its collection of well-known (and not-so-well-known) classical sculptures, there's something to inspire every artist. And there's usually no need to bring your own chairs, either – feel free to move around the chairs already scattered around the gallery to suit your needs, just please don't block any throughways or doors.

Even if your number is small, we do ask that you make your group booking in advance so that we know to expect you.

Due to constraints of space, maximum group size for an art visit is 20 people.

School visits

Our collections offer a wealth of opportunities for teaching outside the classroom. Whether your Key Stage Two class is studying the Greeks or the Romans, or your A-level students are working on classical sculpture, our dedicated Education and Outreach Cordinator is here to help you get the most out of group bookings.

Visit our Rules pages for more information on work-packs, object handling, loan boxes and much more.

Foreign Language Schools

Our Cast Gallery offers a fine – and rather unusual – cultural experience for students learning English as a foreign language. Why not use our casts as a jumping off point for presentations or a written exercise back in the classroom? However you choose to inspire your students, we do ask that group visits are booked a week in advance and that group leaders supervise the students.

Visits which are not pre-booked may be turned away at the door.

Special Interest Groups

If you've got a special interest in the ancient world or classical sculpture, we're here to fan the flames. We offer group tours of the cast gallery – the minimum group size for organised tours is 10 people and the maximum is 25. If your group is smaller or you would prefer not to have a tour, you can choose to self-lead instead. Feel free to contact us to discuss your group booking.

How to Book

To make your group booking, all you need to contact us through our email or phone numbers.

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Group Visits

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