An exceptional artistic and creative journey that Adam Herein lived, the artist and the human being. and important stations that affected that march and increased its momentum and uniqueness.

Adam was not satisfied with his creative gift, which this place does not have the capacity to talk about, although there are many Arab and international critical pens, which dealt with it by analyzing and probing its depths, and standing on its manifestations. Rather, Adam’s influence extended to be a school for sculpture with its noble children, and with the artist’s sense of faith in his message, he established with the former Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni the Aswan International Sculpture Museum, which has now become an international entity with credibility in various international artistic circles, and under the umbrella of the Symposium many names emerged, became It has its place in the Egyptian art scene, and some of them even managed to penetrate the international events concerned with the art of sculpture, to make for himself a decent position among the sculptors of the world.

And here Adam is crowning his career with a fine art institution bearing his name, and it seeks to have a positive role in pushing the fine movement in Egypt, contributing to community awareness, and deepening the concepts of beauty that are carried by different types of art, and carried by sculpture descending from the ancient Egyptian, and what he achieved from An amazing sculptural achievement, to continue this astonishment at the hands of contemporary sculptors and artists in Egypt, or rather, the modernists.

And by the abstraction of the artist who gave his life to this eternal truth, the fact that art is the equivalent of transcendence, and transcendence is the first degree of getting rid of the dirt of life. Tone or sculptural mass intertwine the void in sophistication and silence. Adam endowed his creations to be a wonderful art museum bearing his name, adding a unique cultural beacon that juxtaposes with the beacons of Egypt in various fields of creativity.

Perhaps his keenness to transform his home in Harraniyah into this museum is a great indication of the importance of art in the life of this artistic symbol. With all of the above, it is possible to draw a portrait of Adam Henein, who insisted with determination that it did not bow before the obstacles that the reader could abandon, to build a museum for his works.

A museum about which Dr. Mustafa Al-Razzaz said in the introduction to the museum’s introductory brochure: “It is collections of crystallized experiences in dealing with gypsum, stone and wood ores. Iron, bronze and slate panels”... He added: “The museum is a treasure that generously opened its gates to us. It is a shrine for contemplation and study that requires the visitor to sit each time in front of an experiment to open its gates and dismantle its code.”

In the following lines, we can look at the goals of the Adam Henein Foundation for Fine Art, which are: Spreading awareness of the values of beauty that plastic art establishes in society, raising the general taste of the people of all categories, ages, and scientific and cultural levels, and working on the spread of artworks to achieve their cultural goals.

The foundation also seeks to preserve the creative energies in various parts of the country, in addition to holding local and international workshops for the art of sculpture, and organizing an annual grant to reside and work in the atelier of the Foundation. Adam Henein 's artistic legacy.

Here, the Foundation is moving towards achieving its goals, using the visions and ideas of the members of the Board of Trustees, who form a constellation of those interested in cultural and artistic affairs in Egypt, bearing in mind the social and economic changes that occur in society.

Members of the Board of Trustees:

Dr.Essam Darwish - Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Eng. Akram Majdoub - Vice President

Mrs. Ines Louka - Secretary General

Mr. Majed Arian

Eng. Onsi Abu Seif

Mr. Ehab Al-Labban

Eng. Judd Henry

Dr. Khaled Sorour

Dr. Ziad Bahaa El Din

Mr. Farouk Hosni

Mr. Mohammed Abu Saada

Dr. Mohammad Radwan

Mr. Naji Farid

Mr. Nadim Elias

Mr. Hani Faisal